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A quick google search of effects plugins for Final Cut Pro X will reveal www.fcpeffects.com, among others, and I thought I'd spend a little time talking about some their effect plugins I've tried out.


Actually, I wish I would have discovered them sooner. They have some of the most affordable plugin effects for FCPX. One of their best values is the skin smoother filter. I purchased a skin tone smoother called Beauty Box from Digital Anarchy (www.digitalanarchy) months ago for $199. It's a perfectly good skin smoothing filter, apart from the fact that it quadruples render and compression times, but now FCP Effects offers theirs for $39. 


FCP Effects also always offers coupons on their plugins, so often you can get around 50% off of your purchase. After you add your plugins to your shopping cart, make sure you click on discount codes in the cart page.


On the FCP Effects site you also can read user reviews for each plugin, which is nice to see how others find the products. Obviously some of the plugins are going to be more useful for certain projects. It all depends on what you need, and it's nice that you can purchase each plugin separately for a very reasonable price. And the more plugins you buy, the more money you save. 


My favorite FCP Effects plugins have been:


Whip pan transition - Now I can use the same transition that some of the top directors, including Scorcese, use.                                                 You can also whip pan and tilt in almost any direction, change the length of the whip, and add included sound effects. But seriously, this transition bundle does come in handy for regular commercial projects-cutting between B-roll shots. I bought it just to add some variety to my transitions selection.


3-D Perspective Plugin - This video effect was included in past editions of FCP, but now in X Apple doesn't include it. This is basically the same as the old 3D perspective effect, so it's easy to learn and use. This adds a level of quality to graphics and artwork that otherwise remain in boring old 2D. 


Skin Smoother - This is a no brainer. If you need it, get it. Other similar skin smoother filters are much more expensive. 


Reflect - This plugin allows you to mirror an image directly in FCPX. You can do the same thing by creating the image and mirror image in photoshop and importing it in FCPX, but the process is longer and if you have to make a small change, you have to reimport each time. I'm not sure how much I'll use this effect, but it's nice to know it's there. 


White Balance plugin - This plugin is by far the best plugin I've invested in from FCP Effects. FCPX comes with a built in white balance filter, and also a color matching feature, but they don't always work. This white balance filter works very well, and I use it every day. 


Unfold - Another transition bundle to add to your repertoire. This is large selection of folding transitions. Perfect for commercial projects. 


Advanced Masking tools - The built-in masking tool in FCPX is simple and limited. This plugin takes masking to the pro level. I will admit that I haven't learned how to use these masking filters to their true potential because of the way they function. The mask points are difficult to control, making using these a bit frustrating. A more experienced motion graphics person could probably put these to good use...although I plan on learning them more and getting more use out of them. 


Lower thirds title pack - a simple selection of a dozen or so lower thirds graphics for titles. These work great, although I only use a few of them. 


I check back weekly at www.fcpeffects.com to see if they don't have any new effects. They seem to be very active and regularly release new, useful plugins. They make my job easier and for that, I gladly invest in their products. Keep it up! 


Another extremely useful plugin not by FCP Effects, but by www.neatvideo.com. They make the best video noise reduction filter EVER. I use it almost every day. 



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