Highway 29's original logo is still my favorite. It represents the "bullets" filmmakers get hit with. I can't say I've ever been shot at but I've thought my career was dead, even dead and buried, more than a few times.

I've always known that filmmaking was hard, ever since I made a few films in "film school" at UNC-Chapel HIll. Back then, the shooting wasn't so difficult, but editing actual film on a Moviola and splicing it together with glue, creating A and B reels in order to make dissolves, and getting your soundtrack on "full-coat," a 16mm magnetic recording medium that had to run in sync with the picture; spending entire nights in the editing room doing that stuff, well, it was incredibly time-consuming if not physically difficult.

So, several feature films later, when my family decided to start a film company in Greensboro, NC, I knew what I was getting into, and this logo said it all.

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