I wanted to get this topic addressed early on because one of the first questions anyone asks about a movie project is "where will the money come from?" The purpose of this site is to promote filmmakers and their projects, but we do not want members to pester each other for funding.  

Funding is essential, and there will be ways MAF can help you raise funds - by hosting a fundraising party, for example - and by setting up your project for a crowdsale, or by showing you how to use LUMIERE to incentivize your own campaign outside of the MAF framework.  

In theory, the most important thing for the success of an entertainment project is the market for it, and reaching that market. Everyone is familiar with the success of The Blair Witch Project, right?, which was promoted online and had great awareness when it was released. Likewise, a strong web presence for MAF's movies will make them more successful, and that's one thing we can work on here.  

So, you'll be hearing a lot more about the legal and financial aspects of this enterprise. Funding strategies and legal instruments are one of the trickiest and most essential aspects of making a movie, and we're going to tell the naked truth about it all and try to help filmmakers break into new ways of funding their projects.


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