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Starting a career on Youtube - filmmakers who have done it.


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Great Video on the Art of FIlm Editing


You might want to subscribe to this blog, it's a good resource.

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Funding Strategy / Web Strategy

I wanted to get this topic addressed early on because one of the first questions anyone asks about a movie project is "where will the money come from?" The purpose of this site is to promote filmmakers and their projects, but we do not want members to pester each other for funding.  

Funding is essential, and there will be ways MAF can help you raise funds - by hosting a fundraising party, for example - and by setting up your project for a crowdsale, or by showing you how to use…


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A Logo with a Purpose

Highway 29's original logo is still my favorite. It represents the "bullets" filmmakers get hit with. I can't say I've ever been shot at but I've thought my career was dead, even dead and buried, more than a few times.

I've always known that filmmaking was hard, ever since I made a few films in "film school" at UNC-Chapel HIll. Back then, the shooting wasn't so difficult, but editing actual film on a Moviola and splicing it together with glue, creating A and…


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Alexander Payne's Advice

I invite everyone to chime in on this post … regarding Alexander Payne's advise on filmmaking: http://www.moviemaker.com/blog-main/wisdom-wednesday-alexander-paynes-golden-rules-of-moviemaking/


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Great Kickstarter Case Study

Tons of good tips in this piece. Kickstarter Case Study

Be sure to look at the four things she would have done differently.


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Good Basic Info on Lights

As I was shopping for lights recently, I ran across this article about the basic types of lighting instruments, and thought it might be useful to ya'll: 




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Awesome Writing Tips

 Pen Densham’s 10 Secrets to Writing Success!


1. Write from your heart! As a writer, trust your instinctual creativity and write from your passion. When you don't value what you create, why should anybody else? When you chase a fad or a fashion that is not from your heart in an effort to sell something, there is a danger when obstacles come, you will soon abandon your efforts.  When you love what you are working on – it…


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Recently, I was asked to speak on the topic of adapting the novel Saints at the River into a screenplay, as part of Clemson University’s “Literature for Wisdom Project.”  In preparation for the talk I went back through the process.  Even though I was not the screenwriter, as the producer I was working with the screenwriter to help determine the dynamic of the novel that had to be retained for a successful screenplay.…


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Paradigm Shift Keeps Shifting

Okay, everyone knows that we're in the midst of a major paradigm shift, a digital revolution that is making it possible to produce great-looking movies for a fraction of what it used to cost ... remember the good old days of film cameras? Remember Kodak?


Of course, we're also experiencing a whole new delivery system for entertainment, in fact, you're using it right now. And now the paradigm shift keep shifting, with news that in the U.S. people are spending more on online…


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The Evolution of Storytelling


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Hwy 29 Business Strategy

I'm writing this for everyone who has asked about Hwy 29's start-up strategy. Our strategy currently involves four dramatic film projects: 1) "Swimming in a Lake of Fire," a feature film with a cash budget of $55k, 2) "The Hive," a web drama that will be completely self-funded (if necessary), 3) "Crier," a feature film that will also be completely self-funded, and 4) "Wrightsville," which we're hoping will be funded by healthcare sponsors ("Wrightsville" is our first health-themed movie and is… Continue

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Good Books on Screenwriting


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The Legal Side -- Part One / Basic Setup

Historically, a lot of motion picture companies have funded their films through separate legal entities -- limited partnerships (LP), and, more recently, limited liability companies (LLC). The production company becomes a member of the new entity, which is designed to serve the purposes of the single film or perhaps a group of films. Sometimes these entities are called "funds." In most every case, the investment itself is a security, which means your business activities and the whole process of… Continue

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How this craziness got started.

Okay, I'm going to give you the long version of the story, since this blog might be the only place it is ever written down. Movies Among Friends (MAF for short) is an effort by writers, actors, filmmakers and musicians to make some motion pictures.

I have made some low budget movies and I know how frustrating it can be, which is why I hadn't jumped into a new project, then 2008 rolled around. I kept running into screenwriters at a writing workshop called Wildacres that I attend, the… Continue

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