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Getting Your Film in Front of an Audience

I recently came upon another article by Stacey Parks at FilmSpecific. FilmSpecific concentrates on the business and marketing sides of filmmaking. 

In the article she talks about what you do as a producer to get your film to an audience. To me, and probably to most filmmakers, this is the big mystery. What seems to happen with most independent filmmakers in the process of trying to sell their film is they become business…


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Book Review - Save the Cat by Blake Snyder


by Blake Snyder


"Save the Cat" seems to be the everyman's screenplay book, but at the same time it's a book for beginners and seasoned pros alike.  It teaches you to define WHO your screenplay is about and walks you through the process of writing a log line that will capture everyone from a stranger in line to a studio executive.  It also helps define the genre of your screenplay, therefore establishing parameters…


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Book Review - How I Made a Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime


by Roger Corman (with Jim Jerome)


I know this title sounds a bit sensational, but the funny thing is, when it comes to Roger Corman, it's true!!  For those of you who don't know who Roger Corman is, he was and arguably is the most successful independent film producer in…


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Red Introduces the Epic - the professional solution to filmmaking

Let's face it - video DSLRs are excellent cameras and work well for many projects, and they're affordable and available enough for most low-budget filmmakers to get their hands on them, but we all yern for something more. It's human nature to want more. The Red Epic gives it to us. Well actually, the Red One gave it to us too, but the new Epic is loaded with many more cool features. 

If you go to Red's website here and read the…


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Nikon to Announce New AF-S 50mm f1.8 G lens

Nikon will soon announce their latest version of a 50mm lens in the Nikkor AF-S 50mm f1.8 G. (For clarification, the "Nikkor" brand is a subsidiary of Nikon) 
I got the news about this lens at my favorite online photography resource, …

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MAF Book Review: Making a Good Script Great by Linda Seger

MAF Book Review: Making a Good Script Great by Linda Seger


Title: Making a Good Script Great, 2nd Edition (There's a 3rd Edition now)

Author: Linda Seger

Length: 242 pages


Get it for about $10 …


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Screenwriting Contests - An Easy First Step on the Screenwriting Journey

Screenwriting Contests 


Believe it or not there are contests for screenwriting. And while the promise of a chunk of cash or a deal with an agent are tempting reasons for submitting your work, another reason could be just to get your feet wet in a highly competitive market. Many of the contests also have second and third place prizes, as well as honorable mentions. The Zoetrope contest features ten of the top scripts judged by Francis Ford Coppola himself.…


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"Unique Screenwriting"

There's a pretty cool screenwriting website out there called "Unique Screenwriting," created by Pauline Kiernan in England. Her primary focus is on writing screenplays that are less formulaic, as her website's title suggests. She also has a book, "Screenwriting They Can't Resist," available on…


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Canon and Nikon target amateur filmmakers with their latest HD video DSLRs

Canon and Nikon, two of the industry's leading DSLR makers, have both announced new entry-level DSLRs with HD video capabilities. 


As if Canon needs another entry-level DSLR to add to their already bulging repertoire! As of today Canon already offers the…


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Indie Musicians & Songs wanted for HWY29 web drama "THE HIVE"

Hey guys,


We are gearing up for the next 7 episodes of "THE HIVE" and as editor and music supervisor I am in need of songs from indie bands who want exposure and who have a desire to collaborate with Highway 29 Motion Pictures and our web series.


To get an idea of the music so far, check out songs featured in the first 7 episodes here:


Also, you can watch episodes 1-7 at…


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just wants to learn

just wants to learn so there is any productions that need volunteers with their project - I would love to help out and volunteer.

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Hi! Is anyone interested in forming a screenwriter's group in the triad area (Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem). Also, if there is any productions that need someone to volunteers with their project - I would love to help out and volunteer!

Laura Gilliam

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CASTING CALL for a role in our short film HORSE!!!

CASTING CALL for a role in HORSE. 10 yr old boy, white, brown hair, EXPERIENCE A PLUS. Please contact us.

Seth Hall

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My Resume'

Acting Resume.docx

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The Evolution of Storytelling


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Casting Web Series THE BAKER


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I want to be a part of your film crew!

Hello everyone,

I'm a recent film school grad and I want to work on some film crews ASAP. I will do anything for any budget, so send me a message.

Matt Hayes

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My New Job as an Associate Producer. Next Stop: Hollywood

Greetings fellow film buffs. I can’t count the number of films I’ve watched over the years in which I’ve thought to myself, “hey that was a great film, but the ending just killed it”. (Yeah, I’m talking to you, M Night Shyamalan.) I’ve started this blog because I’ve just discovered a remedy to this problem. A friend of mine who has had her movies screened at prestigious film festivals such as Sundance and Cannes led me to I am so… Continue

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Dear Producers

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First Film

I'm rather new to the whole film acting thing. I haven't done much on-camera work at all. Theater was really all that was available to me, until I started seeing that, eventhough I still love theater, on-camera is where I want to be.

So yesterday I got the chance to start my film career. Everyone has to start at the bottom to get to the top, so I was just an extra. That is in no way a complaint. Just being on set and seeing how films are made was a real treat. It gave me even more… Continue

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