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The Horribly Horrible Horror Show fundraiser

Hey, everyone.  Check out our first episode of The Horribly Horrible Horror Show.  It's a spin on the old Saturday night horror-host shows.  The link below will take you to where you can view the premiere episode and make a contribution for future shows.

The Horribly Horrible Horror Show

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Canon makes 4K DSLR - the real game changer

Canon has finally done what we've been waiting for: created a DSLR subsequent to the 5D Mark ii that shoots 4K video image. 

Ever since the 5D Mark ii I have personally awaited an even loftier film and Red One competitor for the prosumer market, and with the…


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Waiting on the Nikon D800: shipping and availability

Nikon has done something out of the ordinary with the production delays of the newly-released …


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Awesome Writing Tips

 Pen Densham’s 10 Secrets to Writing Success!


1. Write from your heart! As a writer, trust your instinctual creativity and write from your passion. When you don't value what you create, why should anybody else? When you chase a fad or a fashion that is not from your heart in an effort to sell something, there is a danger when obstacles come, you will soon abandon your efforts.  When you love what you are working on – it…


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Bigger-Than-Average Budget Murder Mystery Launched on Indiegogo

I recently launched a fairly ambitious ($444,300) feature film campaign on Indiegogo titled SHE LOVES ME, SHE LOVES ME NOT.  The story is about a lesbian restaurant owner/amateur sleuth who discovers the dark, dangerous military secret behind a couple of grisly murders that occur in a small Ohio town.  I adapted the screenplay from the wonderfully dark and quirky novel written by Portland, Oregon author and artist…


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Three essential tools for shooting films with your DSLR

Three essential tools for shooting films with your DSLR 


Whether you're shooting with one of the original HD video DSLRs like the Nikon D90  or if you just picked up the new…


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Horror Movie DVD signing

If you love horror movies, then come out to the Wet Whistle Company in Archdale, NC. Some of the cast and crew of the horror movie, In The Devil's Courthouse, filmed in the Piedmont Triad will be available for questions, autographs, pictures, and more. Interested in working on one of our future projects? Come by and find out what we have planned next. While you're there, check out our tee shirts, posters, and DVDs while you taste some great wines or have a coffee. We hope to see you there.…


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I was recently invited to join the social network and as a fan of social networking, a filmmaker and film lover, I am throughly excited and impressed by this site/web app. Basically Letterboxd is the best of…


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Smartphone Filmmaking

I have often heard it said that the best camera is the one you have with you and since smartphones, pocket HDs & point and shoots are so popular, chances are you have a camera in your pocket, right now. So, I believe that is the camera you should use, right now, today. Filmmakers can often let the lack of equipment, or the perceived lack of equipment, hold them back and prevent them from shooting and making a film. Sure, there are limitations with these kinds of cameras and you wouldn't…


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Recently, I was asked to speak on the topic of adapting the novel Saints at the River into a screenplay, as part of Clemson University’s “Literature for Wisdom Project.”  In preparation for the talk I went back through the process.  Even though I was not the screenwriter, as the producer I was working with the screenwriter to help determine the dynamic of the novel that had to be retained for a successful screenplay.…


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Made by Hand Film Series

Made By Hand

A project from the Bureau of Common Goods, Made by Hand was created out of the belief that the things we collect, consume, use, and share are part of who we are as individuals. For example, the food that we eat says something about each of us, as do the tools we use and the chairs we rest on. Objects that surround the space we dwell in tell stories, and not just about…


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Paradigm Shift Keeps Shifting

Okay, everyone knows that we're in the midst of a major paradigm shift, a digital revolution that is making it possible to produce great-looking movies for a fraction of what it used to cost ... remember the good old days of film cameras? Remember Kodak?


Of course, we're also experiencing a whole new delivery system for entertainment, in fact, you're using it right now. And now the paradigm shift keep shifting, with news that in the U.S. people are spending more on online…


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Cape Fear Independent Film Festival April 26-29

The Cape Fear Independent Film Festival is coming up in April! Check out screening times on the Cape Fear Independent Film Network website

Looks like a pretty good mix of documentaries, dramas and horror. The festival runs from the 26th to the 29th. 

Here they have a special time for showcasing local NC talent.

While I don't know for…


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New River Releasing

A new film distribution company just opened its doors this week, or its URL anyway. New River Releasing is a web-based motion picture studio focusing on digital solutions for film marketing and distribution, showcasing new talent, and generating funding for new…


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My Take: Writing a Thriller

I'm currently writing a script in what I would call the thriller genre. 

I don't use a script writing guide or book to tell me exactly how to write my scripts, although I do refer from time to time to one or two script writing books for pointers and inspiration. I use Movie Magic Screenwriter software because it takes care of formatting…


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Canon releases Cinema C300 based on success with 5D Mark ii

Canon has recently released a professional video camera aimed at us filmmakers. You can view the details here:…


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How to copyright, or register, your scripts

Just a quick note to anyone wondering about how to copyright their script and why. 

If you're on the east coast the best, most official way is to go to the Writers Guild of America East website here:

For those on the west coast go here:

For those of you in Kansas, I'm not sure. I don't think it matters because all you'll be doing is copyright your work,…


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Get the Inside Scoop on Film Marketing, Distribution

Film Specific specializes in marketing and distribution for the independent filmmaker. You can follow Film Specific on Twitter here, or their website here

Stacy Parks with Film Specific regularly touches on the problems and solutions in independent film distribution. In a recent article she talks about the roll of the producer. You can read that…


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Highway 29's "Swimming in a Lake of Fire" Accepted to the Breckenridge Festival of Film

"Swimming in a Lake of Fire," Highway 29 Motion Pictures' feature film darling, was just accepted into the Breckenridge Festival of Film in Colorado.

The festival is June 9-12, 2011, and "Swimming" premieres in a sweet…


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