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Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 AF zoom for shooting video on your DSLR

The Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 AF $499 new, Used, $250-350  The Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 AF has a long-standing reputation as an affordable replacement to the ultra-expensive Canon and Nikon f2.8 zoom offe… View »

Nikon Series E 70-210mm f4 AIS manual focus lens for filmmaking.

Nikon Series E 70-210mm f4 AIS manual focus lens for filmmaking.  The Nikon Series E 70-210mm f4 has a reputation of being a sharp lens available even on the tiniest budget. And that it is. It d… View »

Expert Shield - Condoms for your camera

Seriously, do you ever want to go shoot without some sort of protection?    Until recently, I never actually thought about using screen protectors on my cameras. I guess that's just a testa… View »

Olympus E-P1 Review: get DSLR quality video for $100

  Olympus E-P1 Review: Get DSLR-Quality Video for $100 Olympus E-P1 with Nikon 28mm f2.8 *Update Skip this E-P1 and go for the E-P2 body. They aren't much more and allow you to… View »

Tascam DR100 MK ii Audio Recorder Review

Tascam DR100 MK ii Audio Recorder Review The Tascam DR100 MK ii is a 2-channel audio recorder for recording quality, standalone wav or mp3 tracks. It features built-in stereo mics and two… View »

7" Lilliput HD Video Monitor Review

7" Lilliput HD Video Monitor Review I don't know where the Lilliput company came from and I don't really care. All I know is that they offer some of the most affordable HD field monitors f… View »

Ape Case Pro ACPRO1600 DSLR/Laptop Case Review

Ape Case Pro ACPRO1600 DSLR/Laptop Case Review The Ape Case ACPRO1600 is a DSLR camera and laptop case made by the company known for their midrange camera cases. The 1600 is a hybrid case that… View »

Arri 150w Fresnel - mini spotlight

Arri 150w fresnel   The perfect little light to get you started into the Arri world without breaking the bank - the 150w fresnel. These little 150 watt fresnels actually create a lot of light f… View »

Porta Brace DCO-2U Review

Porta Brace DCO-2U Review Porta Brace is known for their rugged, professional grade camera and field cases. Their new line of DSLR and Video camera cases draw on that tradition of ruggedne… View »

Konova Slider K2 Review

Konova Slider K2 Review The people at Konova are so innovative, they created some of their own descriptive words for this ad  The Korean-made Konova Slider K2 is a quality tool. I p… View »


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