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John Leslie (Les) Butchart

MAF founder, Les Butchart, is a novelist, filmmaker and entrepreneur with over 35 years experience in advertising, marketing, video production, and the film industry. He and his wife Susan have three children and two grandchildren. Les has authored more than a dozen screenplays, four novels, and a collection of short stories and poetry. He produced and directed the indie feature Lake of Fire and the web series, The Hive. Les and Susan own and operate Artisan Media Group, and Greensboro, NC serves as their base of operation. Les attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he majored in filmmaking. He has owned and operated a web development company and produced hundreds of videos for all types of clients. As a screenwriter and filmmaker working in North Carolina, his approach to filmmaking is both business-like and artisanal. “Personally I enjoy small, specialized films more than big budget flicks, and I always have. I grew up on the French New Wave and the independent filmmaking movement in the U.S. I'm a do-it-yourselfer, an artisan myself, and I preach that philosophy to young filmmakers. Since cost is no longer a barrier, go out and make a film if that is your passion. Make mastery of the art form your highest goal and eventually your success will flow from that.

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