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The Daily Decrypt - Videos

Lets Talk Bitcoin - Videos




Fabulous Bird - MAF member Peter Alvanos is a mulit-talented singer, songwriter & musician.  Several of his tunes can be heard on "The Hive".  Drop him a line here & when your production needs original tunes, he is the songsmith for hire. 




Film Specific




IndieFlix - connecting people through movies

The inventors of "Film Festival in a Box".  Awesome Idea!!!

They also take submissions for potential VOD or DVD distribution.

Filmmaking Stuff

From Here To Awesome - A Discovery and Distribution Festival

Independent Film Channel - Check out the trailers for films you probably won't see anywhere else. This is where our films should be promoted because this is the calibre of work we aspire to.

Sister Becky's Baby - I added this link because I read that Sister Becky's Baby was produced by a group that aspired to making films along the lines of producing community theatre. That is to say, they aspired to making "community films" or films made through community collaboration and resources. A quote from the website: "The way this production was accomplished is also of interest. Though several participants have degrees and experience in film and video production, the bulk of the cast and crew are ordinary people in a small town. We hope this fact will encourage young people who view the project to explore this increasingly accessible medium."

The Karaoke Knights - This is a nice example of a local documentary well presented with a Flash interface. Check it out.

The Smalls - A website with some interesting short films.

This book by John Badham was recommended by Matt Nunn via Mark Frieberger (director of Dog Days of Summer). Mark says it's a must-have for directors.

How to Profit from Film Festivals -- A PDF Manual.

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