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From the Editor's Desk:

Movies Among Friends was created by filmmakers to be a place where film enthusiasts can network, share information, and receive inspiration and affirmation for their work in a competitive industry. 

Movies Among Friends is a place for actors, directors, producers, executives, editors, writers, sound engineers, composers, grips, gaffers, electricians, script supervisors, assistant directors, production assistants, carpenters, film lovers, investors, critics, and anyone who loves filmmaking and storytelling through film. 

MAF is a networking site. Once you're a member, like on facebook, you have a profile and a presence in the MAF world. You can post news in your blog for everyone to read, send anyone a message, and you can join a Group, like the group for actors in your area, or the group for screenwriters in your area. Once you do that you can stay in close contact with those people and you can find projects, create projects, or help finish projects with whomever, wherever you want. It's like a virtual Hollywood. The effort you put in will be equivilent to the reward you take away. But don't be timid, MAF members are looking for others to network with.

Also, once you're a member you're able to post videos (Youtube and Vimeo embedding) and photos to promote your acting or filmmaking skills to the rest of the MAF world. 

MAF is a library of information on the topic of filmmaking. We offer a "News" section, which is basically a compilation of posts from our members and administrators. As a member, you can post an article or piece of news to the "My News" section on your profile and everyone can read it. MAF encourages full-written articles but production news and classifieds-style postings are welcome too. 

MAF also offers reviews of films, film gear, film websites and more, and we accept submissions of these articles. To submit a review, click here to view my profile and email your piece.

MAF is growing into a full-fledged VIRTUAL STUDIO, so become a member and check out our ALPHA CROWDSALE where we're re-inventing crowdfunding by bringing utility to tokens within the MAF ecosystem.

Join today and start taking full advantage of our website!


Lucas Butchart and the MAF Team

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